These lamps are not like the classic ones but, on the contrary, they represent the right meeting between style, functionality and trend. Each model, in fact, stands out for being elaborate and able to offer a truly unique look to your home.

With a simple style but with many details that increase its aesthetic value, this kind of lamps can transform even a simple dining room, a study or a bedroom into a perfect place in which to spend your free time.

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  1. New
    black flag - parete - flos
    Flos Black Flag
    As low as €4,930.00 Regular Price €5,799.99
  2. New
    my dome - sospensione- flos
    Flos My Dome Suspension
    Special Price €675.75 Regular Price €794.99
  3. New
    my sphere - sospensione - flos
    Flos My Sphere Suspension
    Special Price €845.74 Regular Price €995.00
  4. New
    emi - terra - flos
    Flos Emi Floor
    As low as €1,275.00 Regular Price €1,499.99
  5. New
    emi - tavolo - flos
    Flos Emi Table
    As low as €1,062.50 Regular Price €1,250.00
  6. New
    ic f1 - terra - flos
    Flos IC F1 10 Anniversary 24K Gold Floor
    Special Price €1,062.50 Regular Price €1,250.00
  7. New
    ic s2 - sospensione - flos
    Flos IC S2 10 Anniversary 24K Gold Suspension
    Special Price €807.49 Regular Price €949.99
  8. New
    ic t1 - tavolo - flos
    Flos IC T1 Low 10 Anniversary 24K Gold Table
    Special Price €765.00 Regular Price €899.99
  9. New
    taccia bianco opaco - tavolo - flos
    Flos Taccia Matt White
    Special Price €2,295.00 Regular Price €2,700.01
  10. New
    ceramique - tavolo - flos
    Flos Céramique Side
    As low as €739.49 Regular Price €869.99
  11. New
    ceramique - tavolo - flos
    Flos Céramique Up
    As low as €739.49 Regular Price €869.99
  12. New
    ceramique - tavolo - flos
    Flos Céramique Down
    As low as €739.49 Regular Price €869.99
  13. New
    Taccia Small Matt White
    Flos Taccia Small Matt White
    Special Price €952.00 Regular Price €1,120.01
  14. skynest - sospensione - terra - flos
    Flos Skynest Motion
    As low as €3,570.00 Regular Price €4,200.00
  15. bilboquet - tavolo - flos
    Flos Bilboquet
    As low as €238.00 Regular Price €280.00
  16. my disc - rosone - flos
    Flos My Disc - Rose
    Special Price €484.50 Regular Price €570.00
  17. my lines - rosone - flos
    Flos My Lines - Rose
    Special Price €484.50 Regular Price €570.00
  18. flauta riga - parete - flos
    Flos Flute H1000 Riga
    As low as €932.46 Regular Price €1,097.01
  19. my disc - sospensione - flos
    Flos My Disc
    Special Price €1,037.00 Regular Price €1,220.00
  20. my lines - sospensione - flos
    Flos My Lines
    Special Price €1,385.51 Regular Price €1,630.01
  21. luce orizzontale - sospensione - flos
    Flos Horizontal Light
    As low as €4,675.00 Regular Price €5,500.00
  22. skynest-flos-lampada a soffitto
    Flos Skynest Ceiling
    As low as €2,762.49 Regular Price €3,249.99
  23. belt - sospensione - flos
    Flos Woven belt
    As low as €3,060.00 Regular Price €3,600.00
  24. skynest - sospensione - flos
    Flos Skynest Suspension
    As low as €2,762.49 Regular Price €3,249.99
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Therefore this brand lends itself above all to all those who are looking for a lamp that manages to perfectly combine simplicity with an aesthetic style that remains well impressed from the first moment. Among the models that manage to create a major trend, therefore to increase the style of one's home in a very high way, there is the Aim Flos chandelier, which is characterized by having a style as simple as it is optimal, which lends itself to reflecting the questions from those who want to have a unique chandelier. The unmistakable style, which manages to make the room full of charm, is accompanied by a resistant material and above all by a great level of simplicity as regards assembly, making it easier to use the chandelier. Therefore excellent lighting that is accompanied by an optimal look: the Aim Flos version of chandelier lends itself to perfectly blending the concept of mythical lamps since these certainly do not go unnoticed but, on the contrary, are quite easy to notice in the context of the own home.

Furthermore, thanks to the Flos catalogue, it is possible to be impressed by the variety of models offered by this brand and you have the opportunity to create a precious look in your home, without creating style contrasts of any kind.

Flos suspension lamps, the solution for all environments
Among the various proposals in the Flos catalog it is impossible not to mention the suspension lamps, which stand out for being suitable for any kind of environment. Space-saving and easy to see, these models stand out for having a unique look and at the same time for offering that functionality often absent in other lamp models.

Another advantage that identifies these lamps is given by the quality of the light of the same, which differs from the others in terms of power and above all to guarantee the opportunity to have an illuminated room without any dark corner. But speaking specifically of the suspended Flos lamp models, it should be emphasized that the Arrangements stands out among them, which manages to be a real meeting between style and quality of materials.

Analyzing the shape of this Flos lamp, present in the specific catalogue, it can immediately be seen that it has an original shape made up of a double circumference joined at the base, which therefore manages to be as pleasant as it is unique from every point of view. The quality of the material of the aforementioned manages to be able to adapt to a modern style and moreover it is perfect for rooms with medium space. The luminous power proposed by this instrument, in fact, tends to be quite good and therefore it is possible to note how its shape, which makes it unique, has been structured in a pleasant way. Another version that falls within this part of the Flos catalog of suspended lamps is the Ics, which has a very resistant structure with original shapes which is also suitable for a house furnished with a modern style and in particular it is possible to have the opportunity to structure a study or living room in a pleasant way in every respect.

The shape is characterized by a structure that concerns the letter of the alphabet and at the same time it is also necessary to underline the presence of the spherical chandelier which allows to increase the charm of the same. Even in this situation it is possible to notice how the lamp offers an excellent light beam, thus allowing you to have the opportunity to make a room free of shaded areas, a detail that must absolutely not be underestimated. Also in this circumstance we must not overshadow the quality of the different materials that go to make up the aforementioned, which manages to enjoy a great level of resistance, thus making sure that the final result can be perfect and able to respond to all your questions. Consequently it is possible to make the choice fall on these models from the Flos catalog as regards the mito suspension lamps, whose main advantage is that of guaranteeing space saving and having optimal lighting, free of any particular defect that could make the aforementioned less practical than expected. Therefore one of the ideal choices for lighting your home is represented by this kind of lamps, which succeed in the simple feat of creating a pleasant environment capable of having a style without contrasts, where every element present in the room it reveals itself as simple and in line with the others.

Floor lamps, Arco Flos and other models
Of course, the Flos catalog is not limited solely and exclusively to these suspended lamps but, at the same time, it is also good to talk about the classic versions. Among the Flos chandeliers, the floor lamps stand out, i.e. the classic versions that reveal themselves or with a simple structure but, at the same time, with top quality materials, which give maximum longevity to these instruments. In this case we are talking about the Arco Flos, the classic floor lamps that have a very thin structure and a coating that gives them that pleasant-to-see appearance that can amaze without ever overshadowing any detail. Another fundamental aspect of Flos floor lamps is the quality of the bulb and of the decorated part, which manages to adapt to a classic style, especially in the bedroom, as well as a modern one.

But let's also talk about the Light model, which represents the classic black floor lamp, very simple, but at the same time endowed with a lot of style and capable of responding to all customer needs. Simple and black, as in most cases, the Light model is also suitable for a home with a modern style. The same goes for the Flos Snoopy which, although it is suitable for a table or a slightly elevated surface, manages to offer an excellent combination of style and practicality. The floor lamps in the Flos catalog are therefore able to give a unique look to your home and above all to offer top quality lighting, a feature that should not be underestimated and which makes this instrument truly unique from every point of view. 

The Flos catalog and its chandeliers therefore manage to completely revolutionize the concept of lighting in your own home, making it more stylish and devoid of banality that often make a room lacking in personality.