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Fatboy is a Dutch company known for its innovative products in the furniture and home accessories sector. Founded in 2002, it has earned a reputation for the fun and functional design of its products, which range from seating such as ottomans and armchairs to lamps and outdoor accessories. Fatboy's philosophy focuses on combining comfort, practicality and unique style, creating products that add a touch of personality and versatility to living spaces and outdoor environments.

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Explore our exclusive selection of Fatboy products, the Dutch brand renowned for its innovative design and boundless creativity. From iconic ottomans to striking looking lamps, Fatboy products are the perfect combination of functionality, comfort and unique style.

Each Fatboy piece is carefully designed and made from high quality materials, ensuring durability and superior performance. Whether you are furnishing your indoor or outdoor space, Fatboy products will add a touch of personality and unparalleled versatility.

Choose from a variety of vibrant colours and eye-catching designs to find the perfect complement for your environment. Take a look at our Fatboy collection and see how you can transform your space with a touch of Dutch originality.

We are proud to offer the best Fatboy products to our customers, guaranteeing an exceptional shopping experience and the chance to take home a piece of iconic design. Enter the world of Fatboy and get ready to experience unique style and comfort at Animosi Illuminazione.